Our Services

We know it’s not a one size fits all world. That is why we tailor our services to meet your needs. No matter what they are we will give it 100%. We will not sell you what you do not need. That’s a promise we can guarantee!

Public Relations

Our goal is to support you by managing and staying ahead of the NEWS by providing timely and relevant information when needed most.

Strategy Development:
One of the first things we do  is develop a strategy that clearly defines your goals. The right Public Relations Strategy will consider your strengths and weaknesses, identify your target audience or “public”, create the right atmosphere, and build an effective communication plan that will drive attention, results and ignite engagement.

Media Relations:
With an understanding about the importance of media relations  we can connect your brand, message and efforts to reliable people in the industry. Establishing the right relationships in the media are a necessity in today’s globalization and digitization of the industry.

Financial income and expenses

Press Releases:
Press releases are vital because they allow you to make public your new product, service or communicate information that is meaningful and will have impact. They can also be used to enhance your brand by creating awareness and a “buzz” around your business.

You want your audience to stay up to date with your company’s products and services. Newsletters  do just that.  This form of communication spreads a sense of closeness and reliability among your customers and makes information accessible at their fingertips.

Digital Communications:
With so many platforms and ways of communicating digitally, it is often difficult to determine which one to use and best practices for use. It’s easy to create an account and begin blasting, but are you getting results and what is your definition of success?


How important is your IMAGE to you? We design the right message, with the right look and in the right space for you.

Corporate Identity:
How will your company look and how will it be recognized by others. Your brand and corporate identity is often one of the first things consumers will see. Make your first impression a lasting one with the right image that represents your company.

It’s not just about the logo… its about making sure your prospects and current customers see you as the sole solution to their problem or need. Here are some key elements of good branding:

  1. Have a message that is easy to understand… It is not as easy as you think!
  2. Confirm your street cred… aka Verify your credibility in the marketplace.
  3. Make it personal… connect emotionally with prospects
  4. Make a move and tell’em what you want… aka Give your prospects a reason to take action
  5. Pop the question! Will you marry me?… Oops, We mean create customer loyalty.

Marketing & Communications

We are committed to providing Innovative and Transformative Ideas to help you illuminate in the marketplace.

What good is having a product or service if no one knows about it? It’s like having a huge birthday party but not inviting any guests. What your company has to offer matters, so let us help you circulate the information creatively and effectively.

Website Development & Social Media

It’s all about accessibility today. Is your business or product easily accessible to customers? We can make sure it is.


It is our hope that one day all businesses no matter how big or small will have an online presence…particularly a website.. and a few social media accounts.

Accessibility of information is critical in today’s market, so here are a few benefits of being online.

  1. Makes it easier for potential customers to see and buy your product
  2. Creates your space on the internet and makes your mark in your industry online
  3.  Expands your reach nationally and internationally by having an online presence
  4. Ability to interact and engage with prospects and customers
  5. Allows you to show your brand off… because you’re such a show off and you like to be seen…(smile)


Business Plan Development
Strategic Planning
Graphic Design & Communications
      Business Systems (Corporate Identity) design and development        
      Flyers, Posters, notifications
      Annual Reports
      Banners, point of sale & other collateral material
Public Outreach and Engagement
      Focus Groups
      Press & Media Events
      Press, News Releases
      Website Development         
      Social Media Campaigns
      Digital Campaigns
      Communication plan development
      Procedures and Procedure Manuals
      TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Digital
      Commercials, PSA’s, Training, Infomercials, etc.

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Manufacturers and Professional Small, Mid-sized and Large companies, Social and Human Services Providers, Churches and Worship Groups, Agencies and Associations,